We are always interested in ways to raise the profile of this fantastic charity and have been busy fundraising. Take a look at what we've done: -

Disco Snail sponsorship 2018

2018 was a very special year for us. We have been a big supporter of the Martlets for many years and when we were asked to sponsor a snail we just knew we wanted be involved. Austin Rees(Property Management) joined us to bring Disco Snail to Brighton. 

There was a lot of planning and secrecy involved but eventually it was time to sparkle and shout about the brilliant Disco Snail which was painstakingly created by the wonderful mosasic artist, Natalie Guy

Disco Snail was pride of place at the front of Churchill Square from September through to November and we know many of you popped along to see Disco and even had a little dance around!

During the campaign we enjoyed lots of fun fund raising events including: -

When the auction night came round in December we were sad to see the snails go but thrilled that they raised so much money (£230,000) with Disco Snail in the top 3 raising an incredible £10,300

We were delighted to raise funds for the Martlets Hospice at our 70th anniversary party at the Royal Pavilion