Halloween parties, firework parties and then of course - Christmas!

Parties, events and conferences can be a fabulous way of engaging with your clients, staff and the local community.

A successful event takes a lot of planning and preparation. We know this from personal experience. Our 70th Anniversary Celebration at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton was a wonderful occasion and was months in the planning stages. You can see a short video by clicking on this link: - R.T. Williams - Pavilion Party

Some of the things you will need to consider when planning events include: -

After all your preparation, hard work and expense it would be a shame if something went wrong and a loss occurred. This is where insurance comes in: - 

Public and Employers’ Liability are a must. The venue should have its own liability insurance which you will need to check, (your insurance broker should be able to assist with this). However, this will only cover issues arising from the venue itself. 

Issues arising from the event itself will be taken up with the event organiser -You? Your current business insurance may or may not cover this, so it is vital that you make sure any shortfalls in cover are properly addressed (again your insurance broker should be able to provide guidance).   

If a volunteer became seriously injured who would they attempt to sue?  In the eyes of the law volunteers are regarded as employees so you will need to make sure your policy provides the necessary cover for them – Employers’ Liability. You will also need to check the insurance cover for any bona-fide subcontractors as well making sure you consider their activities. Other labour only sub-contractors that you have employed must also be considered. Think of companies providing Audio visuals, catering, bars, entertainment etc.   

As well as Liability cover, equipment cover should be considered. Cancellation cover, pluvius cover can also be arranged along with Non -Appearance which could be very useful if your event hinges on an important Key Note Speaker or celebrity appearance.     

Although fireworks are a very specialist area we have contacts in this field of insurance to make sure your party is properly insured should the worse happen.    

If you would like any advice or guidance on your staff party, celebration, event or conference please get in touch.   

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of food for thought. Importantly – have fun and enjoy your event!

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