How much will British Airways be fines for the Data Breach? Could this be the first major fine for a data breach in the GDPR era?

For the latest on the BA Hacking story, where customers full card details where obtained, click on the link:-

This is a serious breach for a large firm which now could result in the first significant major fine. For the ICO's comments, click the link:-

You may also find the list of recent fines issued by the ICO of interest :-

Apple have recently taken down the following apps for security reasons:-

Are your apps secure  i.e. do they transmit the data via HTTPS ?

There is some good news amongst all this worry and concern :- 


With 90% of the worlds data having been generated in the last two years it seems almost unbelievable that:-

The National Security Council (NSC)  established in 2010, consider a cyber attack a Tier 1 risk. How seriously does your business take this risk ? Or will it never happen to you?

41% of the Federation of Small Business members were victim's of cyber crime in the last 12 months yet  20% of FSB members haven't taken any steps to protect themselves from Cyber Crime.

Small firms lose £800m to cyber crime. Two Thirds of hacking incidents occur at companies with 11 to 100 employees. So "it won't happen to me/us because we are a small firm and they are only attacking large firms" simply isn't true. The average scam/hack/ransom attack fee is $450 but these kinds of crime don’t make headline news.

Cyber Insurance demand is being driven up the following market drivers:-

Social engineering & SQL Injection attacks are increasing. (which may have been behind the BA attack) but of course the issue now is how your business responds to these situations.

Your business should:-

Useful tools:-    

And remember there is no such thing as a cloud - its just someone else's computer!!

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