As the nights get longer and winter draws in, we recommend householders make sure they take the correct steps and precautions to ensure their property is winter ready.

During the winter months, insurers typically deal with thousands of claims to repair properties damaged by bad weather, such as burst pipes, flooding, storms. However, it is important to remember that a home insurance policy is not a maintenance contract, it is crucial to keep your property is in good condition. This not only helps to prevent damage which is but also to ensure that should the worst occur; your claim will be dealt with as smoothly as possible.

Maintenance and general preparations:

Water heating systems:

Pipes and water tanks:

A burst or frozen pipe can not only be incredibly inconvenient, but also very costly. Even a small rupture can become an expensive repair.

If your pipes DO freeze:

If a pipe DOES burst:

In the event of a potential claim, contact your insurer straight away to seek advice. Many insurers have a 24-hour helpline, you should find the relevant number in your policy documents (ask your insurer or broker if you can’t find it). Your insurer will be able to advise you on any emergency measures that need to take place and discuss the next steps to arrange repairs to your property.

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