It is important to know that should we leave the EU without a deal you will need to make arrangements for driving abroad.

Here are some helpful questions & answers. Further information can be found by visiting the Association of British Insurers website by clicking here

In the event of no-deal, will I need to carry any documents to prove I have the right insurance cover? 

Yes - You will need a physical copy of a Green Card. This is an international certificate of insurance issued by insurance providers in the UK. The Green Card guarantees that the motorist has the necessary third-party motor insurance cover for travel in the country being travelled to. NB: they are not cards in the strict sense – they are paper documents which under current international rules, should be printed on green paper. 

So I will still be able to use my insurance to drive in other EU member states after Brexit?

Yes - All UK motor insurance providers will continue to provide the legal minimum motor insurance cover for travel to EEA countries. If you are a UK motorist, you will, therefore, not need to purchase additional third party motor insurance policy cover when travelling to these countries with a UK-registered vehicle. 

How long does it take and how much does it cost? 

It is best not to leave it late. You need to allow sufficient time for your insurer to process your request and if need be post your Green Card document. Contact your broker/insurer for further guidance.

The cost will depend on your insurer. It is possible that there may be a small administrative charge associated with the provision of Green Card documents.

What if I travel without one? 

You will be breaking the law. If you do attempt to drive you may be accused of driving without insurance and could be subject to a fine, having your vehicle seized or prosecution.  The only other legal option available would be to purchase insurance locally when you arrive in the country often known as frontier insurance. However, such insurance cover may not be widely available and may be more expensive than UK-issued policies. 

You may also need an International Driving Permit - more information can be obtained at the  Government website There is also a summary of the situation at the BBC website

These are, of course, uncertain times so we would urge you to keep updated from a legal perspective if this affect you.

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