Protect your home.

Summer is now here, so it’s time to look forward to those long sunny days and short nights. At this time, you’re probably thinking about booking a holiday abroad or (if the weathers good) a break somewhere in Britain. However, one thing you should also be wary about is your home and if your home is secure, while you’re away? Lucky for you we’ve compiled a checklist, so you can enjoy your break without any stress.

A lived-in home is a safe home

Try not to draw too much attention to your house, so cancel newspaper deliveries and milk so they won’t stack up and allow would-be intruders know you’re away. Also remember to set up your lights, music and television to a timer, so that they come on throughout the day and night.

Love thy neighbour/friend

Why not ask a neighbour or a close friend to check up on your home? They can pick up your mail, put your bins out and open and shut your curtains for you. If this isn’t an option, the Royal Mail runs a KeepsafeTM service that will hold your mail up to 66 days.

 Locks and Alarms: Upgrade

Consider using an alarm, or a dummy alarm box that might act as a deterrent. Make sure doors and windows are fitted with working locks and exterior doors should have two locks, one which is a secure mortice with five or more levels.

MUMS the word

Keep it quiet. Avoid posting your plans on social media and don’t change your answering machine to inform callers you are away.

Emergency contact?

In case of an emergency, have all your important numbers in one place, then you won’t have to stressfully look for them when they are needed.

Please consult an appropriate and trusted tradesperson if you’re unsure about carrying out these checks.

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