Large claims can be devastating. Getting the right guidance and support is crucial for your business when disaster strikes. Lorega Loss Recovery Insurance can help...

Who are Lorega?

Lorega is a 35-year-old, independent Chartered Loss Adjustment company that represents policyholders, never insurance companies. Their aim is to gain the fairest settlement for the client, using their experience in the insurance market. As an indication of the service standard they provide, Lorega have over 60,000 clients in the UK and the policyholders who have used their services have scored them at more than 95% satisfaction rate, every year for the last five years.

For industry acclaim, insurance brokers have voted Lorega number one for customer service in the Insurance Times Broker Service Survey for five years running between 2017 and 2021 in the Insurance Times MGA Survey.

Benefits of Lorega

The aim is to provide clients with their own Chartered Loss Adjuster, who are all members of CILA (Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters). This expert uses their experience, qualifications, and expertise to ensure the policyholder gains the fairest possible settlement under the terms of their policy.

R.T. Williams offers Lorega to all clients. It kicks in for claims that are over £5,000 in value with no limit on the value of the claim. Once reported Lorega take on the claim, meeting with the client and attending the scene often before the insurer provided loss adjuster. They really add value in putting the policyholders’ case forward, as opposed to the insurer appointed loss adjuster who is there to mitigate losses. For complex and time-consuming claims it saves time, offers a better claim service, and represents the policyholder, giving the technical support they need.

Case study examples


A kitchen in a contemporary Japanese restaurant in London’s West End, was extensively damaged by a major fire, that meant the restaurant was forced to close for pending reinstatement works.

A Lorega Chartered Loss adjuster was appointed to represent, to make sure the settlement was quick and ensure work started immediately.

The Lorega expert established that the loss of profits was in excess of £60,000 per week

After communicating with the insurer appointed loss adjuster, the Lorega expert was able to assign a project surveyor that specialised in this particular field of fire reinstatement works, ensuring the fast commencement of strip out works.

The loss of profit claim was reduced from 20 weeks to 8 weeks due to overtime work from the expert, saving the insurance company approximately £1 million, but more importantly getting the client back up and running quickly.


Shortly before an all-important Open Day for September enrolments, a heavy rainstorm caused excessive water damages to the Education centre building structure, bringing down the ceiling on two floors, and forcing the closure of the ground floor coffee bar.

The Centre had Lorega Loss Recovery Insurance, alongside the building and contents policy, that allowed a Lorega Loss Adjuster to arrive on site promptly and offer support and advice.

Lorega arranged contractors who immediately organised preventative work to the roof and started the drying out process. This allowed the entire process time to be halved, ensuring the safe reopening of the affected area, in time for the Centre’s key Open Day.


Severe water damage occurred to a HNW property when the property owners were on holiday over the Christmas period.

This occurred due to a shower pump in the loft space freezing despite the heating being left on. The property was a large family home with valuable artwork and furnishings within.

The policy holder had separate buildings and contents insurance cover which complicated the claim.

Due to the extensive damage and lack of response from insurance companies, the holders broker suggested Lorega to manage the claim with a fee being agreed from the outset.

The Chartered Loss Adjuster was on site within hours and organised the undamaged goods to be securely stored with a specialist drying contractor appointed to start working on the property. This allowed for a faster settlement of the claim, and the home to be restored properly.

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