Fatalities in the construction industry are double that of other sectors, in addition figures for minor accidents are far higher than other industries. It is therefore obvious that health and safety policies are of huge importance.

Over the last five years almost half of the fatalities in the construction industry were the result of falls from a height but accidents and work-related illnesses can come from various other hazards including working with dangerous chemicals, exposure to carcinogens such as lead or asbestos and working on fragile surfaces and completing heavy and or repetitive tasks.

Any company operating in the construction sector have a duty of care to their employees and anyone who might be affected by a construction site and the works carried out including members of the pubic. Hefty fines and prosecutions can be issued if the standards required by law are not implemented.

Accident claims can be extremely expensive and reputation damage to companies who have a poor health and safety record can lead to loss of clients as well as failure to attract high quality staff and increased insurance premiums.

Managing risk can be challenging but it is crucial to ensuring that the right health and safety measures are in place. A robust system needs to be in place to make on-site assessments efficient and effective. There is a legal requirement for this under The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and you can find out more about you obligations by visiting the HSE website by clicking here

Having risk assessment programs in place increases risk awareness, aids the identification of controls that are needed and, crucially, helps to minimise dangers and prevent accidents in the workplace. This is where we can help. We work with our clients and their insurers to help manage risks effectively. This in turn, helps with premium and policy terms. If you would like to find out more about how could help your business please contact us using the link below or pick up the 'phone to speak to me or one of my team. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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