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What is JCT 21.2.1 or 6.5.1 Insurance and Do I need It?

Undertaking property renovations requires specialist insurance. Party Wall and Non-Negligence are the more common terms for clauses 21.2.1 and 6.5.1 in a JCT contract. Our expert, Clara Boyce explains ....... Read more

Cyber Risks & Liability - Defining and Identifying Cyber-crime

A vast amount of information is now stored on computer servers and databases, and it’s growing every day. Because that information has great value, hackers are constantly looking for ways to steal or destroy it. Read more

Brown & Brown agreement to acquire Global Risk Partners (GRP)

We are delighted to announce that our parent company GRP has entered into an agreement to be acquired by US based insurance broker Brown & Brown, Inc (Brown & Brown).  Read more

Are You Prepared? - Severe Gales and Wind

Gale-force winds are the most common cause of damage to property in the United Kingdom. Storms with high winds can produce devastating consequences, bringing about £300 million in damages throughout the United Kingdom each year. Read more

How to protect and store your jewellery

Items of jewellery are typically some of our most valuable and treasured possessions due to their construction, financial and/or sentimental value, meaning they require a great deal of care. Read more

Fly-tipping and Squatting - Advice on how to prevent intruders on your land

During the course of the pandemic, it is thought that fly tipping increased by over 75%. This article aims to inform on the damages caused by fly-tipping and squatting, and how to prevent it from happening to you and your business. Read more

We are delighted to announce that GRP has won the Insurance Times Commercial Lines Broker of the Year Award.

As part of the GRP Group we are pleased to share this news... Read more

Phishing Attacks: Tips for spotting Cyber-criminals

Phishing is used by attackers to obtain a targets personal information by the sending of a scam email that pretends to be a trusted company or person and asks the target to provide their sensitive information for financial gain. Read more

Large claims are devastating - but there is support available...

Large claims can be devastating and getting the right advice and support can be invaluable. Read more Read more

Preparing your Home for Winter - advice on maintenance for your property

As we enter the cold winter months, it is vital that you take the correct home maintenance steps, in order to avoid any damages or problems with your property being affected by the potentially harsh conditions. Read more