Keeping you updated during the Covid - 19 crisis

FCA Test Case update

On Friday 15th January 2021 The Supreme Court upheld the judgement on the Financial Conduct Authority’s business interruption test case.

Please refer FCA website link : Supreme Court judgment in FCA’s business interruption insurance test case | FCA

Whilst we welcome the Supreme Court judgement in favour of the FCA and policyholders it does not mean that all Covid 19 BI (Business Insurance) claims will automatically be settled. In addition the ruling only applied to ambiguous wordings and therefore the majority of insurer wordings will still provide no cover for the pandemic.

The next step is the further review of each claim on its own merits. That review is being conducted by insurers and we are actively engaging with them at a senior level to ensure this is done as quickly as possible

During this crisis we are always here to help and offer guidance over insurance concerns.

We regularly receive updates from insurers and have attached some relevant links to help keep you aware of the issues.

With the importance of protecting your property and business we feel the information from Axa, Aviva and Zurich offer guidance and advice to help you manage the change during lockdown.

These documents offer a range of essential measures, which when put together form a good Risk Assessment Checklist. Therefore if you are one of the businesses who have had to close down your premises, then it would be worth running through these to make sure you have thought about all the potential risks and challenges you are facing. This can be adapted to suit your business and property needs.

Axa Commercial Lines Coronavirus Response 30Th March 2020 3 (pdf: 235.26 KB)

Aviva Managing Change During Lockdown And The Coronavirus Lps (pdf: 1.35 MB)

Zurich Partial Closure Guidance (pdf: 103.11 KB)

Zurich Temporary Closure New Build Construction Sites Guidance (pdf: 106.32 KB)

Zurich Temporay Closure Refurbishment Risks Guidance (pdf: 107.52 KB)

Zurich Temporary Closure Security Guidance (pdf: 104.35 KB)

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